About Home Shikari
HomeShikari is an attempt to bring transparency to the Indian real estate market and change the way consumers interact for their property needs.
Our Goal
We want to empower consumers to make the right decisions by providing:
  • Transparent, unbiased information
  • A hassle free online experience
  • Allied services
Whether you are a consumer looking to buy a home or wanting to rent a home; or you are a home owner wanting to sell your home or rent it out, the whole process is cumbersome and time consuming right now. Information is either not easily available or it is not accurate and reliable enough for you to make any reasonable decisions based on it.
Hence we thought of changing this situation by providing our consumers with the right information for them to make the right choice. We are not brokers or an advertising outlet. We don't want to force you to choose what we are pushing. We want you, the consumer, to be able to search or list your home on your terms, just the way you want.
HomeShikari is a division of TTK Services Pvt. Ltd., a member of the TTK Group of companies. The TTK Group has a turnover in excess of Rs. 12 billion and has been a trusted name since 1928, both in India and across the world. The group has created and been associated with several leading consumer brands, including several household names in India. These include, but aren't limited to Prestige Cookware, Woodwards Gripe Water, Kohinoor and Durex condoms.
The TTK Group has a keen sense of social responsibility and funds several charitable and social organizations. Some of these are the Rotary-TTK Voluntary Blood Bank, TTK De-addiction centers, TTK Schools for the Underprivileged and the Music Academy.
TTK Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2000 to provide services to the NRI community. In April 2004, it launched a complete concierge service in India under the brand name YourManInIndia, targeted at non-resident Indians. Today, it is still the market leader in this segment, providing a wide range of physical concierge services across India. This division also provides immigration and global mobility solutions to some of the biggest corporate clients in India, including 50 of the top IT firms.
For anything you need in India
In 2005, we launched our second business division GetFriday, which is currently the world's leading virtual assistance service, with thousands of clients in more than 50 countries across the world. The division aims to provide the benefits of outsourcing to busy individuals and small companies across the world by providing a wide range of personalized services. It is the largest organized Virtual Assistant Service in the world today.
While the company has been successfully providing property related services to thousands of NRI clients since 2000, the present foray into the real estate market with HomeShikari is targeted to provide the most comprehensive services to Resident Indians as well.
We truly believe that we will be able to change the rules of the game and bring in more transparency in the market.
Life gets better