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Verified Listing

Why should you sign up for a verified listing?

  1. Save your time and energy. Let us do all the work to upload all the information. Then let our website do the work to show off your property. No need to waste your time showing your property to hundreds of uninterested parties. Only talk to people who are interested.
  2. Save money by selling or renting out your property faster. Also, no brokerage!
  3. Pay in cash.
  4. Maintain your privacy. Each verified listing gets its own five digit short-code. We put this on fliers and leaflets and you can also do it. If anyone texts your code to our number 92432-92432 they will be automatically connected to you. No need to put your private phone number out in public. Each listing also has a click to call option that will connect searchers with you without you giving them your phone number. Once a call has been received either from a flier or from the click to call, we will send you contact information of the searcher.
  5. Get your own shortened URL. With the short-code mentioned above, you also have your own short URL. If you go to, you will be redirected to your page. You can share this URL with whomever you want.
  6. Never miss a call. You can manage when you want to receive phone calls. If searchers call you outside those hours via a flier or click-to-call, the call will not be directed to you. Instead, they can leave a voicemail that you can check from your ToolBox . You will receive an email and sms with their contact information. These options also apply if you missed a call.
  7. If you are a home owner and you want to sign up for a Verified listing call 080-67684444 or click here.


All our refunds are processed within two business days of you delisting your property. If you have paid by a credit card, your refund will be credited automatically to your credit card. If you paid by cash, we will mail you a cheque.

Please note that refunds only apply to listing fees. Verification fees are not refundable because they pay for our executives visiting your property.

What is the exact calculation? Lets look at the example in the video. Suppose you signed up for a 6-month listing at Rs. 750 per month. That is Rs. 4,500, in total. Suppose you delist after 40 days. You've used up one entire month and 10 days of your second month.

You have 4 unused months - they will be refunded entirely. This is Rs. 750 x 4 = Rs. 3,000.

In addition to that, you will receive a partial pro-rate refund for your second month. When you start a month, a small administrative fee is charged. In this example, you've used up 10 days of your second month. That means that you will get 20 days worth of the remaining amount. That is Rs. 750 x 90% x 20/30 = Rs. 450.

So your total refund in this case is Rs. 3,450. We just gave you back 76% of your listing fee!

For more information, please check out our Refund Policy.


Your ToolBox gives your complete control of HomeShikari whether you are listing your property or searching for a home. Here is an indepth explanation of all the tools you have.

Messages Received - If you have listed a property, this is where you can see an overview of all the people who have contacted you via HomeShikari. If you picked up a call via our click-to-call service or our fliers, then you will see the contact information and time and date here. If the searcher has sent you a message or left a voice-mail, this is where you can see and hear them. Never miss a call and never lose track of who has called you.

Messages Sent - If you are searching for a property and you have contacted owners either via our messaging service or our click-to-call service, this is where you can see whom you contacted and when. Never lose track of who you have spoken to.

Listings - Manage your all your listings from one location. You can sign up for a new listing, delist, relist, see the statistics about how many people have seen your property. If you have a verified listing, this is where you can print out fliers and leaflets with your own unique 5 digit short-code. Anyone who texts that code to 92432-92432 will be connected to your automatically!

Saved Searches - if you don't see any listings you like, just save the search and we will email you as soon as a matching listing is uploaded. To speed things up, you can even send your contact information to owners and builders of matching listings. Manage and edit your saved searches here. See the newest properties that match your searches. All on one page.

Favorites - You can make lists of your Favorite listings and add comments. Save the list and share it with the people you are searching with or just use it as a reminder. Compare your Favorite listings side by side. You can also create lists of your Favorite builders. These lists can be used to filter your search results and your Customizable Weekly Mailers. This is ideal if you know the kind of builders you want to buy from and you don't want to see anything else.

Mailers - Are you sick of being spammed? Are you tired of getting emails about projects you have no interest in? Want to keep up with the latest news and announcements from builders and developers? With HomeShikari's Customizable weekly mailer, you can control what you receive. Choose your property types and choose your price range. We will send you one email a week with the latest news and announcements that match your preferences. If you have created a list of your Favorite builders, you can see even keep up with them!

Services - If you have signed up for any of our value added services, this is where you can manage them.

Account - the usually stuff, edit your password and contact information. But more importantly, you can also manage when people can call your phone if you have listed a property. If they call outside those timings, they can leave a voicemail which you can hear later.