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Renting out property or having a vacant property that is not being monitored is fraught with dangers. There is always a nagging fear of delinquent tenants and encroachments that could affect your property, especially if you live far away or possibly outside the country.

Our property management services that include tenant management, property monitoring, home improvement and repairs are designed to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Property Monitoring

How does Property Monitoring help?

We will help you protect your property from encroachment, misusing, supervise your tenant and collect your rent. Ideal for busy landlords or landlords who cannot visit the property regularly.

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Annual Tenant Management Service

We will help you manage your tenant, collect rent, handle minor grievances and also ensure periodic inspection and reporting. Ideal for NRIs or people who are simply too busy to manage it.

Tenant Management PLANS
Inventory Check
We will inspect your property, take pictures and make an inventory checklist of all the items available in the property (furniture, fixtures, etc.).
Rental Agreement
We will help you draft and finalize the rental agreement with your tenant. If you are not present in India, you can provide a limited / specific power of attorney to your representative or us. In such cases, power of attorney adjudication charges and lawyer fee will be billed extra.
Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities to the Tenant
We will explain the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of the tenant towards the usage of the property at the time of signing the rental/lease agreement.
Exit Inventory Check
When your tenant vacates on completion of the lease period or on termination, we will do a thorough inventory check against the inventory list. We will then send you a report for final settlement. Guidance can be provided.
Regular Inspections
Four (4) inspections in a year at periodic intervals or on a need basis are included in the package. Actual visits will happen with prior appointment subject to availability of the tenant. A report will be sent after inspection. Extra visits will be charged separately.
Rent Collection and Maintanance Support
We can collect rental cheques and deposit it in your bank account based on your instructions. A scanned copy of the deposit receipt will be sent to you.
We can provide one business day turnaround maintenance support on tenant requests for electrical and plumbing issues that cannot be handled by local maintenance staff. Such repairs and visits will be chargeable to owner.
Utility Bill Payment
We can facilitate utility bill payments (electricity, water, maintenance) provided the monies are received well in time. Such assistance is restricted to direct payments from you and is not applicable for tenant payments.
Service Fee Rs. 7499 Rs. 13499
Service Validity : 1 year
Service Availability : Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
All applicable taxes included in service fees.
Service fee mentioned will be applicable only within city limits (25 Km radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fee may apply and will be billed extra.
HomeShikari reserves the right to not service a request if it is deemed to be infeasible as per its evaluation.

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How Tenancy Management helps?

On time rent and good upkeep of the property is a top priority when you rent out. We do periodic visits and ensure those small things are handled on time to help you manage your tenant better.