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The trust that our clients place in us in based on the strength of our expertise in paperwork and legal matters related to property. Whether it is an expert legal opinion, title verification, registration assistance, power of attorney, khata / patta, utility bills transfer or ensuring procurement of all the documents that are required to establish a clear title in your name, we do it all.

More than anything, you will get our unbiased advice and your interests shall remain our top priority.

Along with sale deed property documents like Khata, Property Tax receipt, Utility Bill has to reflect your name to claim 100 per cent ownership on your property.

EC Procurement

  • Place your order and send us the scanned copy of your sale deed by email or courier it, whichever is convenient.
  • On receipt, we will apply for the Encumbrance certificate for the last 10 years with the respective jurisdictional Sub-registrar office.
  • If you opt for a longer period for the EC, then additional charges shall apply.
  • We do the running around and follow up till the document is received.
  • Once the EC is obtained, it will be dispatched to your address. International shipping will be charged extra.

Document required:

  • Sale Deed copy (with clear schedule of property description)

Time Line:

3-5 business days upon realization of payment and receipt of documents (for computerized records). Time lines could vary for non-computerized records.

Plan Details:

Service Order Name Service Fee
Encumbrance Certificate – Bangalore Rs.1599
Encumbrance Certificate – Chennai Rs.1899
Encumbrance Certificate – Hyderabad Rs.1599
Service fee is for a period of last 10 years only. Longer periods will incur additional charges
Taxes: All applicable taxes included in service fees.

Disclaimers: If you choose to opt for a longer period, extra charges of Rs. 119/- per additional year will be applicable.

Service fee mentioned will be applicable only within city limits (25 Km radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fee may apply and will be billed extra.

HomeShikari reserves the right to not service a request if it is deemed to be infeasible as per its evaluation.

If you have any questions, please call us on 080 47096699 or fill the form and we'll call you back.

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Why is EC needed?

The EC lists all encumbrance/ liens ever recorded against the property for a given period. It is one of the most important documents required to verify clean title for purchase / loan / mortgages etc.