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The trust that our clients place in us in based on the strength of our expertise in paperwork and legal matters related to property. Whether it is an expert legal opinion, title verification, registration assistance, power of attorney, khata / patta, utility bills transfer or ensuring procurement of all the documents that are required to establish a clear title in your name, we do it all.

More than anything, you will get our unbiased advice and your interests shall remain our top priority.

Registration Assistance

  • We can assist you in registering the Sale Deed or Gift Deed or any other deed for your property at the respective jurisdictional Sub-Registrar’s Office. We can guide you through the process and also have our representatives / lawyers accompany you or your appointed Power of Attorney holder. In cases, where you cannot be present and need our assistance to represent you legally, we can also act as your Power of Attorney at an extra cost.
  • Place your order and share the Deed draft format, Previous Sale Deed copy, Latest Property Tax Payment Receipt copy, Khata Certificate & Extract copy or courier it to us, whichever is convenient. We can arrange pickup of documents as well.
  • We send the documents to our empanelled Lawyer towards checking the registration fees and stamp duty charges applicable.
  • We will then assist you in getting the payment instruments (DD) for the registration and stamp ready in time, if required.
  • We will help and guide you on TDS deduction as may be applicable.
  • If you cannot be physically present for the registration, we help you in preparing a specific Power of Attorney (POA) for your family member / relative to represent you on this matter. In case of NRIs, adjudication of POA is necessary and extra charges and stamp fee will apply.
  • Our executive and Lawyer will be physically present with you or your POA holder at the time of registration. We will handhold you through the process to make sure things go smoothly.
Service Order Name Service Fee
Registration Assistance As per scope
* All applicable taxes included in service fees. The service fee mentioned will be applicable only within city limits (25 km radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fee may apply and will be billed extra.

* Disclaimer: Scope of service does not include any physical verification of document at any govt. offices, POA drafting, registration fees, stamp duty and POA adjudication charges, as applicable will be extra.

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Make your Registration hassle free

Going to register a property? Need help to ensure that your interests are protected, especially given language barriers that you are likely to face with documentation. Help is at hand.