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Property as an asset needs be safeguarded and actively managed. Whether it is an investment for future appreciation or a source of rental income yields, ensuring protection is necessary. Get world-class support when it comes to managing your rentals or monitoring your vacant property. You can feel safe that you are in trusted hands, no matter where you are.

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Are you an NRI or live too far away from your property or simply too busy to show it to prospects? Don’t worry, our services go beyond mere listing, showing to prospects and match making to a more engaged one that involves understanding the prospect, verifying them and ensuring that your interests are always protected. There’s always only ONE client we will represent.

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Ensuring that your paperwork is perfect is extremely important whether you are buying a property, selling it or renting it out. Most people aren’t even aware of what constitutes legal title and end up in a mess. When you are making an investment of a lifetime, does it help to cut corners? With us, you can rest assured that you are getting expert help and unbiased advice.

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HomeShikari (HS) is a service from TTK Property Services Pvt. Ltd. herein, referred to as TTK.

Any refund on services or listings you order through HS will be governed by the Refund Policy stated below. Further, some services may be governed by their individual refund policies. In all such cases the individual refund policy shall be applicable in addition to this policy unless and otherwise it is contrary to this, in which case the individual service refund policy shall supersede this policy.

Brokerage & Listings

The HS brokerage fee paid on success is non-refundable.
The HS Listing fee for re-sale properties is also non-refundable, irrespective of when the listing is taken off due to a successful sale.

Only applicable for Listings:

In the event that our executives have had to cancel or postpone the appointment without due notice for reasons attributed to you, HS will re-schedule the visit once at no extra cost. However, if this repeats, the fee is considered forfeit.

In the event that our executives are unable to make an appointment due to circumstances beyond our control such as, but not limited to, weather, political actions, public infrastructure issues or transportation failures, TTK will make every attempt to reset the appointment at the earliest convenient time and there shall be no refund.

Property / Tenancy Management

Refunds will be done after deducting a cancellation fee for services already rendered. This will be calculated on a slab rate as per the below chart:

Date of cancellation* Refund %
1st Quarter 75% of order value
2nd Quarter 50% of order value
3rd Quarter 25% of order value
4th Quarter No refund
* Calculated from date of ordering

Any additional costs already incurred in executing your task shall also be deducted wherever applicable. Once an order is completed, no refunds can be made.

No refunds are applicable for advance payments or payments received against approved quotes for Home Improvement & Repairs once the work commences.

Legal & Paperwork

Payments for any orders that you may place with us will remain under hold till such time that our Customer Service reviews the order and finds it serviceable. All payments will be processed only after customer service accepts your order. Until then you can request a change in your order details if any. If on review by customer service, your order is found unserviceable, you will have the option to amend the order or get a full refund.

If you have second thoughts and decide to opt out of an order after placing it, you are free to request for a cancellation. If the request for cancellation comes in before customer service reviews the order and accepts it then you will get a full refund.

Normal time for review and acceptance is a maximum of 48 hours from the time of placing the order. When customer service accepts your order after review, it becomes a confirmed order. Confirmed orders can be cancelled on request from Client or due to other reasons.

Refunds on such cancellations will be applicable as follows:

If an order comes up for cancellation on request from client, HS will deduct 25% of the order value as cancellation fee and the balance shall be refunded. If the client has paid any extra quote amount then it will be refunded after deduction of costs already incurred in executing the task.

If an order could not be completed by customer service for reasons other than Customer’s request for cancellation then refund will be given after deduction of 25% of the order value plus costs already incurred in executing the task. Reasons contributing to such a situation could include insufficient or delayed documentation / information from customer, errors/ mistakes not pertaining to HS's scope of work, inability of customer to follow procedures or requirements or due to any other reasons beyond the control of HomeShikari.

If an order could not be completed by customer service for reasons attributed to HomeShikari 's inability to perform such task purely due to internal reasons then a full refund will be given.


HomeShikari acts as a facilitator in India on behalf of the customer. HomeShikari cannot be held responsible for bureaucratic delays when dealing with government bodies / academic institutions / external agencies. All tasks are done an on best effort basis only. The decision of the company will be final and binding on this matter.

Time to refund to process a request for cancellation is a maximum of 15 working days. However time lines for actual refund to take place and for the credit to reach your account would depend on the speed of banking channels and the credit card companies involved in the transaction (as may be applicable).

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