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Property as an asset needs be safeguarded and actively managed. Whether it is an investment for future appreciation or a source of rental income yields, ensuring protection is necessary. Get world-class support when it comes to managing your rentals or monitoring your vacant property. You can feel safe that you are in trusted hands, no matter where you are.

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Are you an NRI or live too far away from your property or simply too busy to show it to prospects? Don’t worry, our services go beyond mere listing, showing to prospects and match making to a more engaged one that involves understanding the prospect, verifying them and ensuring that your interests are always protected. There’s always only ONE client we will represent.

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Ensuring that your paperwork is perfect is extremely important whether you are buying a property, selling it or renting it out. Most people aren’t even aware of what constitutes legal title and end up in a mess. When you are making an investment of a lifetime, does it help to cut corners? With us, you can rest assured that you are getting expert help and unbiased advice.

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A Service that started as an Advertisement Free, Brokerage Free model is now into Brokerage Services. Do you wonder why?

Well, we did start off in that fashion (2012) thinking that the DIY (Do it Yourself) model is the right one for the market, if we could provide you with information that is accurate, timely and reliable. However, over time we realized that this still didn’t result in a concluded transaction for most people. It was more a game of chance and it didn’t remove the hassle and effort out of handling a real estate transaction. Most consumers were waddling into this for the first time and were more likely to make some costly mistakes. Information was improving but the last mile services were not. So we were forced to rethink on this aspect.

Last year, after much thought we decided to create a brokerage service for home owners because we realized that MOST of them required assistance to conclude a transaction and merely providing good information and more prospects was just not enough. And where services can save time and effort for consumers there was a clear value proposition.

We still continue to operate on an advertisement free model to ensure that we are under no pressure from any quarter to promote a particular property over the others.

HomeShikari is not just about information, it is about providing every kind of transaction enabling service that may be required by a home owner during the lifecycle of a property asset.

And most importantly, our service remains brokerage FREE for searchers.

For any queries call us on 080 30474444

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