Why Homeshikari | Property & Tenant Management service


Quite natural for people to ask what is so different about HomeShikari given that the market is flooded with choices of both online and offline players, all of them possibly claiming to revolutionize the market. Here, we have attempted to answer this important question.

HomeShikari is not just a listing portal. We were the first to introduce physically verified listings to the market in 2012 to ensure accurate and reliable information that searchers can bank on. This eliminated the need for unnecessary visits to unsuitable properties.

However much before that, since 2001, we have been helping scores of NRIs with managing their rentals, monitoring their vacant properties, helping them with paperwork and end-to-end transaction assistance, while they were thousands of miles away. Our domain expertise and experience in making things happen, not just providing information was the key to our success.

So presently we are an end-to-end property services provider that can assist consumers on any kind of property need. We get things done for you. And we do that in a transparent, professional, unbiased and trustworthy manner, which is something unheard of in the real estate industry. That happens to be the key difference.

Here's what you get with HomeShikari:

  • Trusted brand with more than a decade of real estate experience
  • Expertise in dealing with complex property issues
  • You will never have to deal with touts
  • You save precious time, because we do the running around
  • Dedicated Customer Support & technology platform
  • Periodic updates and unbiased advice
  • Avail services from anywhere
  • Your interests are primary
  • Empanelled team of experienced lawyers in different cities
  • Personal information and documents are always kept confidential

Precisely, the reasons why thousands of HomeShikari clients across the globe experience peace of mind when it comes to their property matters. Trust cannot be built overnight or through a huge branding exercise, it can only come with exceptional and consistent service.

Now if you are someone looking for peace of mind when it comes to your property, then you know where to head...